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About the site:

Chronicles of the American Civil War consists primarily of public domain material from the time of the civil war through the end of the nineteenth century. Other material applicable to the war from other periods may be included.

The primary focus of my interest is civil war material related to the impact of the war on the public and individuals in the service.

Public Domain - Material is "harvested" from public domain sources, many of them on-line.  On-line sources are generally government or collegiate sites.


Newest Material

July 17, 2007 -  Added A Federal Railroad Adventure - "Andrews Raiders"
May 10 - Added new page Civil War Era Definitions with definitions to be added as I come across them
May 9 - Added article: Our Captured Correspndent
May 9 - Added page for Prisons and Prisoners and a page for Libby Prison
May 8 - Loss of Sultana, article and biographical sketches
May  - Images of Sultana
May 7, 2007 - Steamboat Sultana pages created